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Application Summaries

Electronic Nose and Neural Network use for the Classification of Honey

Noninvasive Method of Assessing Power of Breathing (POB) for Patients Receiving Pressure Support Ventilation

Predicting Beer Flavours From Chemical Analysis

An AI Method to improve Fault Analysis in Local Access Networks

Neural Network Based Power Plant Coal Quality Analysis

Seabed Recognition Using Neural Networks

Real-Time Current Forecast for Tunnel Element Towing

Texture Classification: Using Neural Networks to Differentiate a Leopard from its Background

Using Neural Networks to Distinguish Kinematics in Use Wear Analysis

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"I have had very good experiences working with your company. Every time I send questions or comments I usually get feedback in a short time. Not many companies have this high quality service. Keep up the good work and I will definitely recommend your products to my friends."
- Theresa Tsou, Ph.D., Florida Marine Research Institute

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