NeuroSolutions for MATLAB - Neural Network Toolbox

  • NeuroSolutions for MATLAB neural network toolbox is a MATLAB™ add-in that is easy-to-use and intuitive. It leverages the industry leading power of NeuroSolutions neural networks and artificial intelligence inside MATLAB™. The software allows you to concentrate on solving your problem without having to spend many hours persuing neural network literature and developing the algorithms yourself.

    Easy to Use

    NeuroSolutions for MATLAB can be utilized by users with "next to no knowledge" of neural networks. Users who are familiar with MATLAB will be able to jump in and use the entire package within a few minutes. You can use NeuroSolutions for MATLAB for applications such as data fitting, pattern recognition, time-series prediction and much more.

    Powerful Engine

    NeuroSolutions for MALTAB features the neural network engine from industry leading NeuroSolutions. Supporting both 32- and 64-bit versions of MATLAB it is the most powerful way to use neural networks in MATLAB. For larger networks, use NVIDIA CUDA™ or OpenCL™ to enable training time improvements from hours to minutes when compared to traditinal CPU's.

    NeuroSolutions for MATLAB Suite

    NeuroSolutions for MATLAB is also integrated with NeuroSolutions through the NeuroSolutions for MATLAB Suite that enables users to build custom networks in NeuroSolutions, generate Windows-based DLL's for those networks using the Custom Solution Wizard and then use the DLL's inside NeuroSolutions for MATLAB.

  • The toolbox features 16 neural network architectures, 7 learning algorithms and a host of useful utilities that enables one to employ the power of neural networks to solve complicated real-world problems.

    Neural Network Architectures:

    Multilayer Perceptron
    Generalized Feed Forward Network
    Probabilistic Neural Network
    Modular Neural Network
    Support Vector Machine
    Partially Recurrent Neural Network
    Fully Recurrent Neural Network
    Time-Lag Recurrent Neural Network
    Learning Algorithms:

    Resilent Backpropagation (RProp)
    Conjugate Gradient

    The toolbox also includes several utilities including Symbolic Data Translation allows for using textual data as inputs to a neural network. The symbolic data translation function comes paired with the inverse translation function that translates data back to symbols once all other tasks are completed. The Image Flattening utility flattens an image into a single row of data, so that it can be fed into a neural network. The Performance Indicators function reveals how well the neural network has trained with statistical indicators.

  • 64-bit computing

    Increase performance with Windows 64-bit computing and optimized executable code for significantly shorter training times!

    Resilient Backpropagation (RProp)

    Resilient Backpropagation is a learning heuristic for supervised learning in feed forward artifical neural networks. Next to Levenberg-Marquardt, Resilient Backpropagation is one of the fastest weight updating algorithms available.

    NeuroSolutions Accelerator Add-on

    See training time improvements from hours to minutes using NVIDIA™ and OpenCL™ graphics cards or processors with the NeuroSolutions Accelerator add-on on networks using Levenberg-Marquardt - the most powerful form of back-propagation learning available.

    Supporting R2013 and 64-bit MATLAB

    Much of NeuroSolutions for MATLAB has been rewritten to work with MATLAB's latest framework more optimally including support up to R2013 and 32- and 64-bit installations.

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    Getting Started with NeuroSolutions for MATLAB

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    Other Information
    Supported MATLAB Versions:
    2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013 (32/64-bit for all supported versions)

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