Interactive Book: Customer Quotes

"This has got to be the best textbook I have come across! The amount of thought and care in producing this book is phenomenal. It goes into details very thoroughly, and provides plenty of examples which would easily satisfy the very bright and the very slow. The math in back of all this is ACTUALLY EXPLAINED PROPERLY! Buy the book - it's worth every cent."
-- Jenni Gyffyn

"Only one word to describe this book, WOW. Neural nets always seemed to be a mystery. I search the net looking for a way to learn AI when I crossed NeuroDimension website. Their software caught my attention. I order the book to get a better understanding. When I received the book and CD, I was in Awe. This book/online book is so comprehensive and easy to understand. I cannot wait to implement neural nets in my next applicable system design."
-- Chuck Streb, System Integrator

""In all we have found the book 'Neural Networks and Adaptive Systems' and the program NeuroSolutions very attractive for our teaching and for our students. During the two years period, about thirty students from the two local universities have participated our courses. The feedback has been very positive and we will continue using the software in the future.""
-- Dr. Juhani Peltonen, Senior Lecturer, Laboratory of Electronics and Telecommunication, Department of Information Technology, University of Turku, Finland

"Very good concept, can't get enough!"
-- Dr. Michael Welzig, Medical University of South Carolina

"It's a book worth reading. It makes the rather complex theory understandable."
-- Dr. Jonathan Chen, Louisiana State University

"The interactive book is really handy for learning the content of the book. The dynamic examples illustrate the theories clearly and give a deep impression to readers. It is a very good kind of book, updating the traditional meaning of the book."
-- Dr. Jonathan Chen, Louisiana State University

"An excellent contribution and a new dimension for workers in this field."
-- Dr. Mohammed A. El-Affendi, King Saud University

"I thought the content was very good and certainly more complete than most books on the market today. I particularly liked the idea of having practical examples that show how the networks can actually be used."
-- James Chimarusti

"ANN in an easy format and a user-friendly wrapping. I value the book as afresh and dynamic look at the theory in action."
-- Dr. Mazen Kanj, University of Oklahoma

"This is the first interactive book I have used and I am quite happy with this edition of the book."
-- Dr. V.K. Narendran, Battelle

"Let me say that I really enjoyed reading your book. "
-- Dr. Norbert Klink, The Dai-ichi Kangyo Bank, Ltd. (DKB)

"Since I am a new comer to ANN I found the approach (reinforcing theory by examples) and level of the book very convenient. Thank you for a much needed book."
-- Miguel A. Melchor, ROBOTIKER

"I am very impressed - it's the best and most comprehensive practical text   I've found to date."
-- Dr. Suzanne E. Bell, Eastern Washington University

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"BTW, love the product. To keep current, I've tried others and nothing even comes close to the power, performance, flexibility and ease of use. You also have the best tech support on the planet."
- John Wester, CTO, Net Shepherd, Inc.