Introduction to Neural Networks and NeuroSolutions - Video Presentation

The week-long course held twice per year in Orlando gives the participants a broad overview of both neural network theory and the NeuroSolutions software. One of the instructors recorded a 30-minute segment of this course, which covers some of the introductory material. This recording has been made publicly available to anyone with a web browser and an internet connection (broadband recommended, but not required).

If while watching the video you would like to step through the examples yourself in order to better learn NeuroSolutions, you will first want to download a zip of the sample data. Of course, you would also need to download and install a copy of NeuroSolutions if you have not done so already.

Click here to lauch the video in a web browser.

NeuroDimension, Inc. announces the release of NeuroSolutions 6.31!

"I have recently purchased a copy of NeuroSolutions 4 and am very happy with the software. It is amazing how many features are available within the network. I am also very impressed by the quality and the speed of the technical support provided by the NeuroSolutions staff."
-- Albrecht Stoecklein (MSc), Building Research Association of New Zealand