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NeuroSolutions Levels

NeuroSolutions is broken down into three different levels. This way you only have to pay for the capabilities that are useful to you. Below is a summary of these levels. If you are unsure which level would best suite your needs, please try our Product Advisor. If any of this information is unclear, please do not hesitate to contact our sales staff -- they would be glad to recommend a level that best meets your needs. Once you have determined the level of NeuroSolutions you need, you may obtain a price quote, view our price list or place an order.

View the side-by-side level comparison chart.

NeuroSolutions for Excel

NeuroSolutions for Excel is available as both a standalone and add-in product to NeuroSolutions. NeuroSolutions for Excel standalone has a variety of neural networks for static pattern recognition applications. NeuroSolutions for Excel as an add-on to higher-levels of NeuroSolutions can occupy advanced features such as genetic optimization, numerous of other neural network topologies and advanced neural network components such as attribute selection and input reduction.


  • Linear Regression
  • Multilayer Perceptrons (MLP)
  • Generalized Feedforward Network
  • Probabilistic Neural Network (PNN)
Additional Features
  • Data Preprocessing and Analysis
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Build and compare multiple models at the click of a button
  • Enhanced reports for easy analysis and deployment
  • Advanced features available with licensed copy of NeuroSolutions


The Users level adds the ability to optimize the inputs and neural network parameters using a genetic algorithm or attribute selection methods. The Users level also adds several more pre-built neural network topologies.


  • Modular Network
  • Jordan/Elman Network
  • Self-Organizing Map (SOM)
  • Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
  • Radial Basis Function (RBF)
  • General Regression Neural Network (GRNN)
  • Fuzzy Logic Network (CANFIS)
  • Support Vector Machine (SVM)
  • Support Vector Machine Regression (SVM-R)
  • Up to 500 inputs/outputs/neurons per layer
  • Up to 6 hidden layers
Learning Paradigms
  • Backpropagation
    • Backpropagation
    • Step
    • Momentum
    • Delta-Bar-Delta
    • Quickprop
    • Conjugate Gradient
    • Levenberg-Marquardt
  • Unsupervised Learning
    • Hebbian
    • Oja's
    • Sanger's
    • Competitive
    • Kohonen
Additional Features
  • Genetic optimization of neural network parameters and inputs
  • Input Optimization - Greedy Search & Back-Elimination
Competitive Advantage
  • Double-precision calculations
  • Fast simulations
  • Icon-based graphical user interface
  • Extensive probing capabilities
  • Hybrid supervised/unsupervised topologies


The Consultants level offers enhanced models which support dynamic pattern recognition, time-series prediction and process control problems. It gives you access to all available neural components and does not restrict the number of inputs, outputs or hidden neurons.


  • All topologies of the Users level
  • Hopfield networks
  • Time Delay Neural Network (TDNN)
  • Time-Lag Recurrent Network (TLRN)
  • General Recurrent
  • User-defined network topologies
    • Over 100 components to build from
    • A virtually infinite number of possible networks
Input Pojection Algorithms
  • Principal Component Analysis
  • M-Dimensional Scaling
  • K-means Clustering
  • Locally Linear Embed
  • Self Organizing Map
Learning Paradigms
  • All paradigms of Users level
  • Recurrent Backpropagation
  • Backpropagation through time
Competitive Advantage
  • Unlimited inputs/outputs
  • Unlimited neurons per layer
  • Advanced input reduction techniques to improve performance and/or results
  • UModular design allowing user-defined network topologies
  • Dynamical systems modeling
  • Time-Lag Recurrent Networks


The Developers level allows you to implement your own algorithms as DLLs and generate ANSI-compatible C++ code generation, allowing you to embed NeuroSolutions' algorithms into your own applications (including learning). Furthermore, this level allows any simulation prototyped within NeuroSolutions to be run on other platforms (requires the Source Code License). The generated code can even include your custom algorithms, giving you complete flexibility in the neural network development process. Another option is to purchase a lower level of NeuroSolutions, but then add in the Custom Solution Wizard to generate the neural networks as compiled DLLs instead of C++ source code.


  • All features of the Consultants level and lower
  • ANSI C++ Source Code generation
    • Embed networks into your own applications
    • Train networks on faster computers
  • Customized neural components
    • Nonlinearities
    • Interconnection matrices
    • Gradient search procedures
    • Error criteria
    • Unsupervised learning rules
    • Memory structures
    • Customized input
    • Customized output
    • Customized parameter scheduling

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