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Custom Solution Wizard Product Summary

The Custom Solution Wizard (CSW) is an add-on program for NeuroSolutions that will allow you to embed a custom neural network into your own application. It does this by encapsulating your NeuroSolutions neural network (breadboard) into a self-contained Windows-based 32- or 64-bit Dynamic Link Library (DLL). It also gives you the option to automatically create a shell program for your development environment and configure it for you data and DLL. Now you don't have to be an advanced programmer to develop a custom neural-network-based application.

Below is a summary of the key highlights of this product. We recommend that you also download a free evaluation copy in order to gain a full understanding of the software. After evaluating if you are unsure which level of the Custom Solution Wizard would best suite your needs, please contact us.

Feature Users Consultants Developers
Type of DLL
Recall DLL's A recall-only DLL is one in which the internal weights of the neural network are trained within NeuroSolutions by you the DLL developer and cannot be modified by the user of the DLL. Its only purpose it to obtain the neural network output when given a new set of input data. This t ype of DLL is used in applications where either you want to limit the users' level of control or where re-training or re-tuning of the neural network weights is not necessary. X X X
Learning DLL's A learning DLL has all of the functionality of a recall-only DLL, but it also gives the end-user of your application the ability to re-tune or re-train the neural network weights with new data. This type of DLL is used in applications when you want to give the users more control over the neural network or when a periodic re-training or re-tuning of the weights is necessary due to changes in the system dynamics over time. --- --- X
GPU Enabled DLL's
NeuroSolutions Accelerator Support1 --- --- X
Sample Application Projects
Generic Windows DLL X X X
Microsoft Visual Basic .NET X X X
Microsoft Visual C++ .NET X X X
Microsoft Access2 X X X
Microsoft Excel X X X
TradingSolutions2 --- --- X
NeuroSolutions for MATLAB --- --- X
Active Server Pages (.asp web pages) --- --- X

Speed Up Neural Network Training Using CUDA™ or OpenCL™

The Custom Solution Wizard Developers level combined with the NeuroSolutions Accelerator add-on enables your deployed DLL's to be powered by NVIDIA CUDA or OpenCL. Users can see training time improvements from hours to minutes over when compared to traditional (CPU) processors. These CUDA or OpenCL enabled DLL's can be used in your own custom applications or they can also be used in other NeuroDimension products including NeuroSolutions for MATLAB and TradingSolutions.

Create Custom Neural Network Models for Trading

The TradingSolutions Suite is the combination of TradingSolutions, NeuroSolutions Developers level, NeuroSolutions for Excel, Trader68 Standard and the Custom Solution Wizard Developers level. When combined, these tools extend the neural modeling capabilities of TradingSolutions to give power users all the flexibility they need to turn their own neural network designs into profits.

TradingSolutions includes over 50 variations of 5 neural network architectures to choose from, which offers more flexibility than any other neural-network-based technical analysis package on the market. However, with the TradingSolutions Suite you have an infinite number of neural network topologies at your disposal, allowing you to solve even the most challenging financial forecasting problems.

Using NeuroSolutions and possibly NeuroSolutions for Excel, you first design a prototype neural network model with some financial data. If the initial testing results look promising then you quickly launch the Custom Solution Wizard and compile the neural network into a DLL. You then would switch to TradingSolutions to perform a complete profitability analysis on the neural network model. If it proves to be profitable, then you add it to your watch list and start trading the signals. You can also use the DLL as the neural network engine for new TradingSolutions models.

Pay No Royalties or Runtime Fees

Other neural network development platforms may allow you to deploy a neural network to your application, but often the network is restricted to a fixed architecture and is recall-only. If a platform does provide more flexible neural networks, the company will often require you to pay a royalty or runtime fee for any neural-network-enabled products or services you sell. With the Custom Solution Wizard DLLs, what you develop is what you own -- even learning networks!

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems
Windows XP: Service Pack 3
Windows Vista: No additional requirements
Windows 7: No additional requirements
Windows 8: No additional requirements
Other Requirements
Licensed version of NeuroSolutions
Licensed version of Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0, 7.0, 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, or 2013
Note: Knowledge of Visual C++ is not required since this compiler is used "behind the scenes" to create the neural network DLL.

1. Requires a licensed version of NeuroSolutions Accelerator
2. Can only be deployed as a 32-bit application.

NeuroDimension, Inc. announces the release of NeuroSolutions 6.31!

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