Neural Network Course

Learn more about neural networks and how to utilize them at one of our hands-on Neural Network courses. More than just theory, our courses are taught from a practical perspective that focuses on making neural network technology work for you.

These Neural Network Courses feature:

  • Expert instruction taught by the lead developer of NeuroSolutions.
  • Comprehensive course structure for everyone, beginner to expert.
  • Over 50 in-depth topics inlcuding interactive learning and experiments.
  • 30 minutes of private consulting to address your individual application, if needed.
  • $200 credit towards purchase or upgrade of NeuroDimension software.

Make a selection below for more information on the Online Neural Network Course and In-Person Neural Network Course.

Online Neural Network Course is a live online course based on our long running in-person Neural Network Course about neural networks and NeuroSolutions.

In-Person Neural Network Course is a perfect way to learn more about neural networks and NeuroSolutions and how to utilize this technology and software to solve your data modeling problems.

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Stay informed on upcoming neural network courses: