NeuroSolutions University Site License Bundles

If you are not redirected automatically, please click the link to continue to the NeuroSolutions for Education Page. NeuroDimension has always been a strong supporter of the academia community with our educational discounts and various bundle options. We also realize that not all university budgets are created equal and so we set out to design our University Site License bundles to fit within varying budgets while offering tremendous savings to our educational customers!

The University Site License Bundles are tailored to meet the needs of small research groups all the way up to large university computer labs. With the complete array of NeuroSolutions products at your finger tips users are able to analyze, design and deploy their solutions for both 32- or 64-bit Windows operating systems. In addition to the software, users will receive educational resources including registrations for up to 5 participant for the Online Neural Network Course as well as up to two years of Platinum Maintenance Service to cover support questions and secure free major releases of the software that cost to upgrade.

Five User Site License

Ten User Site License

Unlimited User Site License




One Instructor License of: Two Instructor Licenses of: Unlimited3 Licenses of:
Four Student Licenses of:
  • NeuroSolutions Users
  • NeuroSolutions for Excel
Eight Student Licenses of:
  • NeuroSolutions Consultants
  • NeuroSolutions for Excel
  • NeuroSolutions Accelerator
Services Include: Services Include:
  • 1 Year Platinum Maintenance Service2
  • Two Online Course Registrations
Services Include:
  • 1 Year Platinum Maintenance Service2
  • Five Online Course Registrations

Retail Cost: $9,584.46

Bundle Cost: $3,995.00

Retail Cost: $35,367.92

Bundle Cost: $7,995.00

Retail Cost4: $134,447.00

Bundle Cost: $14,995.00

  1. The Developers level of NeuroSolutions include libraries for Visual C++ 6.0 to 2010 for Windows. Other compilers/platforms require the Source License. Each purchased license allows unrestricted use of compiled recall networks, while compiled learning networks are restricted to a single machine. A signed Software License Agreement (SLA) is required before activating the software.
  2. Platinum Maintenance Service is automatically setup for annual auto-renewal for $995 Five Users, $1995 Ten Users and $4995 Unlimited Users and may be canceled prior to the renewal date.
  3. The Unlimited Users bundle must maintain an active Platinum Maintenance Service agreement in order to obtain new licenses after the initial maintenance period expires.
  4. The Unlimited Users bundle price and savings is based on 20 copies.
  5. The NeuroSolutions University Site License Bundles are not available for any other discount offerings.