Design your own customizable neural network

NeuroSolutions is an easy-to-use neural network software package for Windows. It combines a modular, icon-based network design interface with an implementation of advanced artificial intelligence and learning algorithms using intuitive wizards or an easy-to-use Excel™ interface. Perform cluster analysis, sales forecasting, sports predictions, medical classification, and much more with NeuroSolutions.

How NeuroSolutions Works

Neural networks are long, complicated mathematical equations and NeuroSolutions is designed to make the technology easy and accessible to both novice and advanced neural network developers.

There are three basic phases in neural network analysis: training the network on your data, testing the network for accuracy and making predictions/classifying from new data. Only the Express Builder in the NeuroSolutions Excel interface can accomplish all of this automatically in one simple step!

Easy to Use Excel Interface

With NeuroSolutions Excel interface, it has never been easier to get started quickly in solving your problem. The Excel interface in NeuroSolutions provides an easy-to-use and intuitive interface for users to easily setup a simulation that automatically builds, trains and tests multiple neural network topologies and generates an easy to read report of the results including the best performing model.

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Extending NeuroSolutions

NeuroSolutions features several add-ons for neural network deployment and training speed improvements through parallel computing with NVDIA CUDA™ and OpenCL™ gpu processing.

NeuroSolutions Accelerator enables NeuroSolutions and NeuroSolutions Infinity to harness the massive processing power of multi-core processors and graphics cards (GPU's) from AMD, Intel and NVIDIA through parallel computing. It enables training time improvements from hours to minutes when compared to traditional processors on neural networks using Levenberg-Marquardt.

NeuroSolutions also features robust deployment options that will allow you to embed your custom neural network solution into your own application. The easiest and most popular method is through the Custom Solution Wizard which encapsulates the neural network into a Windows DLL (Dynamic Link Library) and embedding it into a sample Excel, Access, Visual Basic, Visual C++ application or even an ASP webpage.

Alternatively, we also offer C++ Code Generation for Windows or for All Platforms which allows you to generate ANSI C++ compliant code which can be compiled on Windows or other platforms such as Linux.

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Industries & Applications

Industry Sample Application
» Papers, Testimonials
Quality Control
Financial Services
» Papers
Loan underwriting, Credit Scoring
Investment & Trading
» Testimonials
Investment Prediction, Currency Fluctuation
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NeuroSolutions Feature Comparison

Features NeuroSolutions NeuroSolutions Pro
Key Features
Microsoft Excel™ Ribbon Control X X
Genetic Optimization -- X
Advanced Input Optimization NeuroSolutions Pro offers 4 different techniques for selecting the best inputs in relation to your desiredOutput(s). -- X
Number of Pre-Built Neural Network Topologies 4 17
Number of Learning Paradigms 1 4
Maximum Number of Hidden Layers 2 Unlimited
Maximum Number of Inputs / Outputs / Neurons Per Layer This indicates the number of allowed inputs and outputs including the weights on each hidden-layer. 50 Unlimited
Number of Exemplars / Samples Unlimited Unlimited
+ Topologies 4 17
Linear Regression X X
Multilayer Perceptron (MLP) X X
Generalized Feedforward Network X X
Probabilistic Neural Network (PNN) X X
Modular Network -- X
Jordan / Elman Networks -- X
Self-Organizing Map (SOM) -- X
Principal Component Analysis (PCA) -- X
Radial Basis Function (RBF) -- X
General Regression Neural Network (GRNN) -- X
Neuro-Fuzzy Network (CANFIS) -- X
Support Vector Machine Network -- X
Support Vector Machine Regression Network -- X
Hopefield Network -- X
Time Delay Neural Network (TDNN) -- X
Time-Lag Recurrent Network (TLRN) -- X
Recurrent Network -- X
+ Learning Paradigms 1 4
Backpropagation X X
Unsupervised Learning Unsupervised Learning includes: Hebbian, Ojas, Sangers, Competitive and Kohonen. -- X
Recurrent Backpropagation -- X
Backpropagation Through Time -- X
+ Optimization Techniques 0 4
+ Gradient Descent Methods 4 4
+ Advanced Features
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Student Edition

The NeuroSolutions Student Edition provides students and faculty an inexpensive entry point into neural networks using NeuroSolutions. The Student Edition of NeuroSolutions provides all of the features and capabilities of the base level NeuroSolutions. There are a few small differences between the Student Edition and professional version of NeuroSolutions including the indication of the software being for "non-commercial use".

With the Student Edition for NeuroSolutions you can excel in your course work, have fun with projects and build important career skills to help you in the work force.

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* NeuroSolutions Student Edition does not come with the Software Maintenance Service.