Formula Generator

The formula generator is a small utility written in .NET to convert NeuroSolutions weights files into an Excel/C/VBA formula. Click here to download the formula generator.

The utility converts the weights file of a default MLP breadboard (1-hidden layer with a TanhAxon in the hidden layer and either a TanhAxon or BiasAxon in the output layer) into a usable formula that can be copied and pasted into your own programs to compute the output of the trained neural network.

A note of caution is necessary. The utility was written for the latest version of NeuroSolutions 6.0. To use it with weights files created by versions before the NeuroSolutions 6.0 one would need to modify the code appropriately.

NeuroDimension, Inc. announces the release of NeuroSolutions 6.31!

"I have recently purchased a copy of NeuroSolutions 4 and am very happy with the software. It is amazing how many features are available within the network. I am also very impressed by the quality and the speed of the technical support provided by the NeuroSolutions staff."
-- Albrecht Stoecklein (MSc), Building Research Association of New Zealand