Sentinel System Driver

The Activation Code issued for a single license will only work on one computer. Those customers who need to run the software on multiple computers (though not simultaneously) may want to purchase a USB Hardware Key (for $50, plus shipping). This key will allow one to move their software license from computer to computer. To place an order for one of these keys please fill out the order form and email or fax it to 352-377-9009.

Once you have installed NeuroSolutions and have ordered and received the hardware key, please follow the instructions below.

Installation Instructions

  • Download the Sentinel System Drivers.
  • Extract the files from the file to your computer.
  • Your Hardware Key should NOT be plugged in yet! Run the executable (Sentinel System Driver Installer X.X.X.exe).
  • Follow the instructions within the driver installation program.
  • Plug in the included hardware key into your USB port (when requested by the installer).
  • From the Windows Start menu, click Programs, then NeuroSolutions 6, then NeuroSolutions to launch NeuroSolutions.
  • Select Activate/Purchase Software... from the Help menu of NeuroSolutions.
  • Verify that the text "(Optional Hardware Key Detected)" appears below the heading for the Serial Number. If this does not appear, call NeuroDimension (352-377-5144 or 800-634-3327).
  • Sign on to the Licensed User Center to obtain an activation code. This activation code will work on any computer that has the hardware key plugged in.

NeuroDimension, Inc. announces the release of NeuroSolutions 6.31!

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