Neural Network C++ Code Generator

The C++ Code Generation for All Platforms in conjunction with NeuroSolutions Pro allows you to generate ANSI-C++ compliant code which can be compiled using other Windows or All Platforms compilers on other platforms such as Unix, Linux, Sun, etc.. The generated code links against an object library, which contains the implementations for the neural components. Pre-compiled object libraries for Visual C++ 2005 or higher are included with NeuroSolutions. Included with the license is the source code for the entire object library, enabling you to compile this library for your particular platform/compiler and link it with the generated code.

Source Code License Agreement (PDF)

1. At any given time, the Software and Learning executables shall reside only on computers owned by Licensee. Licensee agrees to use the Software only for Licensee's own business. Licensee shall not permit any parent, subsidiaries, affiliated entities or third parties to use the Software or Learning Executables. Any applications, websites, or other interfaces, which incorporate Learning Executables and can be accessed from computers or devices not owned by the Licensee, shall not process or permit to be processed the data of any other party.