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Trader's account has increased by over 90% in three months!

Mr. Honorowski is trading the New Zealand Dollar/U.S. Dollar with a 5x leverage and his four most recent trades alone have yielded 4.46%, 5.31%, 13.28% and 20.60% returns with an overall 77% wins since April '06! *
Mr. Honorowski said he "Absolutely loves the software (TradingSolutions)" and "Would recommend it to anyone and everyone". His favorite features are the Optimal Signal technology along with the neural network modeling. He likes that TradingSolutions was "non-blackbox" with all of the settings and parameters he had control over and said that it was "hard to beat TradingSolutions optimization results".

Trader uses TradingSolutions to achieve a 31% return in 6 months

Mr. Cuni began using TradingSolutions in June '06. He actively traded the Solution Service and models from the Sample Performance section of while learning how to create his own profitable models in TradingSolutions. In March '07 he began trading his own models and has earned a 31% annualized return in the past 6 months alone! Mr. Cuni wanted to emphasize four aspects of his model development process that he attributes to his success with TradingSolutions:

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