Electrical Power Transmission and Distribution

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Fraser Cook is the Principal Engineer for Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Qualitrol-DMS in the United Kingdom. Qualitrol-DMS supply condition monitoring systems and services for the electrical power transmission and distribution industry. Qualitrol-DMS is the world leader in Partial Discharge (PD) monitoring for Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS). Mr. Cook studied Artificial Intelligence while receiving his Masters degree in Cognitive Science from Division of Informatics, University of Edinburgh.

Mr. Cook’s role is to develop expert systems for automatic pattern recognition, condition monitoring and fault diagnosis in high voltage power systems including: Transformers and Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS). In addition to system development he also provides technical reports and expert analysis to industry cliental.

Mr. Cook has been using NeuroSolutions Developers level for over 11-years including the latest version 6.0 release. The most common causes of electrical failure in Gas Insulated switchgear (GIS) generate Partial discharge (PD) prior to dielectric failure of the plant. A PD is a localised breakdown of gas. The PD pulse causes electromagnetic energy to be radiated through the GIS. The PD pulses create resonances that can be detected at the Ultra High Frequency (UHF) range of the electromagnetic spectrum (up to 2GHz). Different PD Sources have identifiable UHF pattern characteristics. My expert system is able to classify the UHF patterns to determine type of fault present.

The expert systems he has developed are able to classify different PD types from their UHF patterns with “extremely high accuracy” on a current database over approximately 3 million samples. The expert system uses a number of different AI technologies including the main classifier which is a modular neural network combined from a number of different neural network topologies. These systems are then implemented using the C++ code generation feature of the NeuroSolutions Developers level into a proprietary application.

When asked how Mr. Cook chose NeuroSolutions over other competitive products he said that “NeuroSolutions has over all of the competition is that it allows me total control over the neural networks I design and full flexibility to combine them in any fashion I need to.” Mr. Cook went on to say that “NeuroSolutions is the best product on the market – has been for over a decade. It is an indispensable tool to accomplish the results that are required to stay ahead of my competition”.

We would like to thank Mr. Cook for sharing his great success story with us and we hope to continue to see great things from him in the future!

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